Travel to Stranda

By car

See route description on Google Maps. This can be connected to a GPS or be printed out.

You can rent a car from Avis.

By Taxi

Ingers Trans are located at Stranda and will take you from any airport, nearby city or backcountry.

By plane

You can fly to Ålesund Lufthavn Vigra, or Hovden in Ørsta.

Order your plane-ticket to Ålesund Lufthavn Vigra through SAS or Norwegian, and order through Widerøe to fly to Hovden in Ørsta.

Then you travel by bus or car to Strandafjellet.

By bus

Wherever you travel from you can call 177 for information and timetables, or check Ruteinfo.

By boat

You can also take Hurtigbåten from Ålesund to Valderøy, and travel further with bus or car from thereon.


It costs 30 NOK per day to park your car at Strandafjellet. You can pay the parking two ways; by credit card or with cash. When you drive into the parking lot you register your credit card, and follow the same procedure when you leave. It's important that you use the same credit card, or the machine won't recognize it.

If you want to pay with cash, you do it at the gondola. Push the button for a ticket when driving into the parking lot, and bring it with you to the gondola. At the lift you'll get a ticket to check out from the parking lot.



Oslo - Strandafjellet (via Stryn): 561 km.
Bergen - Strandafjellet: 396 km.
Trondheim - Strandafjellet: 360 km.
Ålesund - Strandafjellet: 50 km.
Ørsta - Strandafjellet: 97 km.






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